The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O' Hair


ohairfamilyThis month we watch the A&E documentary, "The Disappearance of Madalyn Murray O’Hair." Possibly no other 20th century atheist has influenced our movement as much as Madalyn. This video examines how she and her family were kidnapped and eventually murdered by ruthless men pursuing revenge and wealth.


When Madalyn and her family first disappeared, rumors abounded about them running off with American Atheists’money, as they founded and controlled the organization. These ideas even gained credence in the atheist movement, as Madalyn had a way of making not only friends, but enemies. The police did very little to solve the case. Instead the truth was discovered by a private detective, working with a reporter for a local newspaper, along with the efforts of an IRS agent who honestly wanted to discover the truth about the missing funds. The way in which they were able to uncover the crime resembles a complex mystery. Unfortunately it also tells a story of the brutal murders of Madalyn, her son and granddaughter.


Netflix recently released a disappointing movie about Madalyn. This A&E documentary remains the best story of her tragedy. It also demonstrates the anti-atheist sentiment that stood in the way of justice for the family.


Of course we will have a discussion after the movie.


Afterwards we will go to dinner at King Dong at 2429 Shattuck Ave at Haste.


When: Sunday, June 18th, 2:00 PM


Location: Sports Basement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley. Four blocks from Ashby BART. Parking in the neighborhood, and you can use the store's parking. Our room is large with lots of comfy sofas.


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Albany Hill Cross On the Way Out

As a result of pressure applied by the City of Albany, PG&E has replaced the electrical service for the Albany Hill Cross, located in the city park in Albany. The replacement makes the cross many times safer than before, when it used a small euclayptus tree as a utility pole. This was particularly egregious because it was in a critical fire area. The history of the cross is a case study of the special privileges given to religion, and the current city administration wants this to end. Below is a postcard sent to every Albany household in December, when the council doubted PG&E would properly repair the service. Ultimately we are confident that the cross will soon be gone from the park.



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