East Bay Atheists Solstice Party


potluckOur Solstice party this year will again be at the Sports Basement in Berkeley. These parties are always popular, mixing socializing, eating, drinking and some serious discussions.


Please bring a dish to share, along with a serving utensil. Please also bring drinks to share (wine, beer, soda, etc.). We will provide paper plates, napkins, eating utensils and cups.


Remember that the venue tends to be cold in December, so please bring a warm outer layer.


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When: Sunday, December 17th, 1:30 to 3:30 PM


Location: Sports Basement, 2727 Milvia St, Berkeley. Four blocks from Ashby BART. Parking in the neighborhood, and you can use the store's parking. Our room is large with lots of comfy sofas.


To Find Us: Enter the front door and proceed to the main shopping area. Then turn right. We will be on your right.


Information: Larry Hicok, Coordinator: 510-222-7580

Ski Grabowski, Treasurer: 510-652-8350

City of Albany Seeks Court Order to Remove Cross from City Park


After three years of hard work on the part of East Bay Atheists volunteers, the City of Albany on September 22nd issued a press release stating it "will seek a court order requiring removal of this religious symbol [the Albany Hill Cross] from public park land.” The statement referenced the illegality of the cross on public land according to both state and federal constitutions, and recent court decisions that affirmed that illegality. It stated that the Albany Lions Club asserts its property rights to the cross, a “claim [which] is based on a vaguely worded easement which was recorded without the City’s knowledge before the City took title to the underlying park land in 1973.”




We must admit that sometimes we doubted all our efforts would succeed, but it looks like activism still works. The city has a strong legal case, and they are convinced this must be resolved. Public sentiment is overwhelmingly for removing the cross, including several local clergy and the Berkeley Lions Club. Three years ago many believed the cross was on private property, and therefore immune from Establishment Clause enforcement. Today the myths have been exposed and acknowledged, in large part because of our efforts.


More recently a local grassroots activist group, Albany Hill Park 4 All, has worked diligently to remove the cross. They distributed a petition at the Albany Lions Club pancake breakfast this summer, and have reached out to other groups for support. Activism is contagious.


EBA issued a press release that stated in part, “East Bay Atheists has come to appreciate the integrity and commitment of the Albany city council to good government and diversity. We thank the council for investigating and exposing the myths surrounding this cross, and for acting on their convictions.


“We look forward to seeing city sovereignty over its park lands restored, and that reminder of Albany’s unenlightened past, the Albany Hill Cross, removed.”

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